About Us

Batter Up Bakery is all about creating a place for you that feels like coming home. A place where you can just relax and let us take care of you for a little bit.

Your Place To Come Home To

Come on over and let us take care of you

Tasty Food & Drinks

We have put together an excellent selection of indulgent choices for your enjoyment.

Friendly, Personal Service

We are eager to do whatever we can to make you feel at home. Our mission is to serve you well...every time!

Comfortable, Welcoming Setting

We are committed to providing a place for you to gather with your friends and family. We want to make your day a little better.

Our Customers Love Us

"We chose Batter Up for our wedding cake and we wouldn’t change a thing. The entire staff was always really welcoming and very communicative throughout the process, especially during the cake tasting. They worked really hard to make our vision come true and the cake was a hit with our guests."
Rosana Gomez

“I have never had a better cake than Batter Up Bakery. Every time I have a meeting there, my wife texts me and says I either bring home Macarons or I don't come home at all. They are the best in the area."  
Alex Kowalkoski

“I love having a place I can bring my laptop and get work done or have meetings with clients. It's fun introducing people to Batter Up Bakery for the first time. They are always impressed."  
Kate Gester

“I have met a few colleagues here and found it to be a nice place to grab a quick bite while having a meeting. I appreciate the plentiful power outlets and the comfortable, relaxed atmosphere. I've sampled a few of their pastries and everything tasted wonderful.."